Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Wild Bird Wednesday

More Peli's
We have had more Pelicans this year than ever before.  Large flocks would fly in rest over night and fly out the next day.  This last group, however, had to stay because the temperatures dropped to the freezing range.  The last of them just left this week. (click to enlarge)

This picture was take with the bright morning sun behind the pelicans making more of a silhouette  ... but you have got to love the do :)

And ... Time to go

They are magnificent birds ... I am sorry to see them leave :(



  1. Hello, I just love the Pelicans. Great collection of photos. Have a great day!

  2. Got to love nature...these pics are very cheerful and relaxing.

  3. I could watch pelicans all day. It's so interesting how they fish cooperatively. Thank you for sharing your wonderful images!

  4. gorgeous images. I have seen pelicans here and there but not in large numbers and certainly not this species. It is a gorgeous bird and I can see why you were sad seeing them leave.