Monday, April 25, 2016

Through My Lens

Chicago Field Museum

I am going to give you a break from Thailand, though there will be many more pictures of my trip in the future.  I went to the Chicago Field Museum last week and thought I would share a touch of it with you this week.  It is impossible to show you all that there is to see there.   It is a magnificent well preserved collection of experiences in an equally magnificent architecturally beautiful building.  This only scratches the surface as we were unable to see everything ... it would take days to cover it all.

The Entrance to the Chicago Field Museum is impressive by itself, but currently, with the Herb Alpert famed Spirit Totems (eight black bronze sculptures) on display ... it is doubly impressive :)

 This is Sue the best preserved and most complete Tyrannosaurus rex ever found (To learn more about Sue, click here).

Her actual head is on display elsewhere because it was too heavy to support on the skeleton and also because they wanted to be able to access it for further study.

Two fighting African Elephants in other end of main hall ... Displayed since 1909.

This display I will show you more of at another time and go into the controversy that swirls around it ...

We exited on the north side of the building and got another view of the architecture ...

And a wonderful view of the Chicago Skyline as we walked out the door ...

As we walked back to our car we saw other things of interest.

An Olmek Head ... a gift from Mexico

Burnham Harbor sans boats ... soon it will be full of boats and activity :)

A statue ... sorry, I was too tired (lazy) to walk across the street to see who it was honoring :)

On my bucket list ... I would love to go on a tour gliding along on my own Segway ...

Wouldn't that be fun?



  1. Loved this tour -- we saw a tiny part of it on the fly years ago when we took a Grey Line on-off tour of Chicago while traveling. I would love to go back (to the City/the area/and this museum). We saw way too little. (Sigh, so many places, so little time ;>)!

  2. That is a wonderful place to visit and many very intereting things to see. Loved Sue adn that wonderful staircase and I would like a go on the Seagway. That would be such fun.

  3. It is a wondrous place and I think you could spend days there and not see everything. But never feel you need to take a break from the Thailand photos..they are awesome.

  4. Such a majestic building. This is my kind of museum.

  5. Fantastic museum! The exhibits look wonderful. I love to visit such places. You learn so much!