Wednesday, April 20, 2016

The Creative Playroom

The Womb
As the last few weeks have been extremely busy I am reaching back into my archives for this one.  I chose this because it is pertinent to today's Political atmosphere ... a time when certain old white men in a certain party seem to think they should have control of a women's choices about her body, in particular, her womb ... Well, I just say "NO!"



  1. Boa tarde, o texto é excelente e a publicação é maravilhosa trabalhada com muita criatividade.

  2. How do they dare....but they do.....all around the world!
    This is a very interesting image,it has a Judy Chicago feel to it.
    Thanks for this.....enjoy your evening!

  3. Politics aside...This is a interesting pic. I'm curious how you created it. No, you don't have to tell me your secrets.

  4. Here is one old, white guy could not agree with you more. Fine looking image.