Saturday, April 30, 2016

s-A(R)T-urday Art Linkup

Night Flight



  1. Very interesting. I loved the photo of the lion too, but it left me feeling sad that she is in a museum and not running free in her wild habitat. I have to think that she never posed a problem to any human before we took away all of her natural habitats.

    We're having a gray day here and I can't make up my mind whether to chase dust bunnies around or go shopping. Hmmm, I think shopping might win out here. I'm itching to check out the garden departments at Lowes and Home Deopt.

    Pogo says to tell Izzi that as long as she can run around and play, it's a great day. You have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.

  2. What an amazing edit, picture - beautiful. Thank you for sharing it with sARTurday, Andrea.

  3. Oh my goodness - so incredible! Because I just wrote a poem called "Fly by Night" and I remember looking for the perfect image to go with it. THIS would have been great.

  4. perfect composition! I love that you included the family at the bottom :)