Tuesday, May 12, 2015

NF Trees and Bushes

We are all shouting out "Spring", as we should, because it is definitely here (though it is in the middle 50's here today).  I can't drive down a street without stopping multiple times to capture a deliciously blooming tree or bush.   It is a wonderful time of year that brings us all new hope so we should wallow in it.  

A little posterizing to bring out the beauty ...
Happy Tuesday to all of you ...



  1. I hear you. It's beautiful out there!

  2. Oh my, I love your beautiful trees!!! Our cherry tree is covered with beautiful pink blossoms too. One day it just had new leaves, and all of a sudden bits of pink fluff started showing up. I think it is just awesome how the trees and shrubbery turn so beautiful this time of year. Now that I'm getting better, I'm hoping to get out soon to take some new photos of all this Spring beauty.

    Pogo sends hugs to Izzi. She's in our thoughts and prayers. You have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.

  3. Now that does your heart good to look at those beautiful blossom trees Andrea.

  4. What a gorgeous sight! Spring is a wonderful time of the year.

  5. Oh my.
    How very, very beautiful.
    On this side of the world we are in a very peculiar Autumn. Most of the leaves have gone, the weather is cooling down, and the first of the spring bulbs are flowering...

  6. I want to wallow in that tree! Look at all those lush blossoms!

  7. Wow, that one is really beautiful. I want one over here. :)

  8. Impressive and well deserved after your winter!
    Wren x