Wednesday, January 7, 2015

NF DAM Digital Art Meme

My FH and I just stay home for New Years ... we are past the party age and it is easier just to watch it on TV.  But I have friends who are young and they throw a heck of a party.  This is confetti left in their yard after an outdoor game of Croquet in 20 degree weather ... you know they had their share of antifreeze, right?  Anyway that is as close as I came to festive, so I am sharing it with you today.

Daytime partying ...

Night time partying ...
I know, I know ... there are a lot of ways to be festive, but this one was just for fun.  Hope all of you started your New Year with a bang!  



  1. Hello Andrea, you really turned the leftovers into someting festive :)
    I like the result at the end :D
    Lots of fire and swirls - that's great :)

  2. Gorgeous swirl of colour. And to think it is all inspired by confetti.

  3. Terrific use of colors and layering...the last one is my fav♪

  4. lol, I love how you managed to make something festive from that litter in the first image :) Nicely done :)

  5. LOVE your festive take. The New Year found its way in without me. Again. I suspect I won't be around to assist it next year either.

  6. Oh how creative you are. I would never have thought of turning 'rubbish' into the creations you have made. Wonderful idea and well excecuted

  7. Well, if you didn't have a "blast" on New Year's Eve, you certainly had one with your digital art. I love what you did and like that you included your versions along the way. I would not have imagined your final images began as little scraps of colored paper.

    We don't go out on Dec 31, either. We aren't party animals and if we were, that would be our least favorite party night. I prefer not to drive on holidays at all, or in my neck of the woods, anytime after the local NFL team plays ---lots of people on the roads after having too much to drink.

    Thanks again for all the nice things you have to say about my artwork.

  8. Andrea, I am always amazed at how you can turn most anything into fun and interesting photo art. I love your editing with the left over confetti. I don't go out or do parties on New Year's Eve either. Too many drunks on the road and I enjoy the safety of my own home. Thanks to TV, I get to watch the festivities in many of the cities and towns around.

    The weatherman says that it has finally got up to about 15 degrees outside, but I'm not so sure it really is that warm out there. I'm all bundled up in my living room and doing my best to keep Pogo and myself warm. Tomorrow's 32 degrees will feel like a heat wave after this cold spell.

    I'm going back under my afghan now. You and Izzi stay warm and have a super day. Hugs, Edna B.

  9. I really like the second and third images best!