Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Our World Tuesday

Hats off to Summer ...
Or should we rephrase it to ...
Hats on for Summer :)
little hats ...

medium hats ...

and Big Hats with a Big smile ...
We all love summer fun :)

Sorry to my friend who's permission I failed to get before using her beautiful picture :(


  1. HI Andrea I don't think your friend will mind that lovely shots of her and the 2 of the children are also gorgeous.

  2. A fun look at your world today, Andrea!! Hope you're enjoying a great week!!

  3. Yes, it's time to protect ourselves as much as possible from the sun. Having said that, I hate to wear hats in summer. I am very, VERY naughty.

  4. Love your hats photos, and hope that you are having a lovely time in these summer months. Big hugs to you from Texas.

  5. I wish I could wear hats, but I can't stand the feeling of something on my head.

  6. Neat summer hats no matter the size and your friend is a lovely lady.

  7. I've been trying to leave a comment so if I've repeated this a lot forgive me.
    I thought the hats were very cute in all the sizes and that your friend was a very lovely lady.

    1. Ida, I counted 6 tries before you finally made it. I'm sorry you had to work so hard at it, but I appreciate that you were willing to keep trying. Tell me what the issue was and maybe I can get it fixed on this end.