Wednesday, June 4, 2014

NatureFootstep Abstract

I started with an angled picture of the siding on my neighbors house.  A little tinkering, coloring 

and distorting ...

 The final product :)


  1. Love it!!!
    And your male/female tanager post is something I've never witnessed....both sexes together like that.

  2. Very unique little abstract. I wonder if you ever consider titling these. This one is so tidy and tight.

  3. Gorgeous. I am always awed at your talent - and your eye.
    Did you get a chance to look at Ron's tanager yesterday?

    1. Yes, I did go over ... his pictures are truly wonderful, very profeshional. His Tanagers were Western while mine are Scarlet ... both amazingly beautiful and colorful birds. Thank you for the link EC. I didn't know about him, but now I will follow ... his work is impressive.


  4. Your third image reminds me of the lens abstract that NF Photography posted yesterday ---and yet was created in a completely different way. I like seeing the process you took to arrive at your final product. Each one is a work of art in itself.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. You mentioned the Peace Corps was started when you were young ---Yes, I was young, too. It was started in 1961 (within a month of JFK's inauguration) when I was a sophomore in high school. I joined after college and arrived at my Peace Corps site a few days after turning 22 in August of 1967. In July, it will be 45 years since I ended my PC assignment. There are some events that happened during that time I remember as if they happened yesterday, yet others are a big blur. Time has a strange way of allowing us to retrieve memories or not.

  5. The first one in its simple lines, is great. Great textures.

  6. Love the first one, simple lines and texture - elegant!

  7. that´s increadible. Don´t you just love photoshoping? :)

  8. Cool the final result.