Monday, May 25, 2015

NatureFootstep ... Catching Light

This is refracted light on my kitchen counter.  It comes from a toy that my cats have that has a crystal turning in the sunlight.  It is supposed to send little dots of color around the room that the cats chase, but the turning mechanism is broken, so it just sends out these beautiful spots on the counter.  The trick is to have sunlight which is a rarity these days ... but hopefully soon :)



  1. Cool cat toy!!
    re: Izzi...I cannot imagine how you can keep an Aussie on bed-rest for a unfortunately I have no hints or suggestions....did the vet have any suggestions??

  2. Lucky cat, well not that lucky anymore, but I guess this crystal still is giving joy to you both.
    Waiting for more sun?
    Have a nice day

  3. Very interesting! Hope you get some sun soon... Here is the link to the harrier-hawk...

  4. Our cats completely ignore the dancing lights.
    Izzi on bed rest? What have I missed. Sending both of you comfort and caring.

  5. We used to have sky lights in the old house and they cast these wonderful rainbows on the walls. I used to enjoy seeing them. I may have to find a crystal to hang in the window now.

  6. lovely colours but I think the cat need a new one.

  7. I have some crystals. They reflect light in the same way :) Nice catch.

    Yes I did see what was written on FB. I hope your little friend is soon "back to business" and you too.

  8. That is a great idea for a cat toy! What will they think of next?
    Wren x

  9. What a great capture. I bet my cat would love a toy like that.