Friday, October 25, 2013

Smile It's Friday

The Uncommon Dog

I is sittins downs to has a serious conversations with you Badger Boo ... Next weeks is Halloweens.  Now I knows, you lives in the UK so you don't has Halloweens ... but my friends here, they dos.  The kids in my neighborhood thinks Halloweens is great funs ... but they don't knows what it's likes to be a dogs or a cats.  We finds it very scary and this is whys ...

First ... Peoples keeps coming to the doors.  My jobs is to protects, so I gots to barks, but they don't goes away until my Moms gives them candys (hmmmm, have to gives that idea some thoughts).  That makes me very nervous.  But that's not the worst parts ...

Look at how they looks when they comes ... OMGs! (Hides face under paws) What's the matters with these peoples.  Don't they knows they is scarys? 

Well there are some pets that don't seems to minds Halloweens, but I isn't one of thems, so I wanted to shares this informations with you.  Tammy sents my Mom this poster to reads ... I really likes it and if you reads # 6 ... thats mees ... hides me in the closet or somethings ... Oh Dears, I am scareds already :(

This information was provided by Tammy Sexton at The Uncommon Dog ...
Reads and Heeds :)

Hopes you has a Happys and Safes Halloweens ...
but nots at my house !


  1. Good reminder that what is lots of fun for humans is not always so fun for our pets.

  2. Hugs to you Izzi - Halloween will soon be over and I hope everyone follows these wonderful tips.

  3. **waves paw** Hello Izzi

    That is a very good point, poor doggies and cats do get so scared, well done on a informative "Smile it's Friday" I did link your post for you cos Miss Andrea did forget to do it for you.

    Halloween has become more popular here over the last few years with teenagers terrorising the estate where we lives on 31st. But mummy has a sign from the Police she sticks on the door to make them stay away. They gets in big trouble if they ignore it, but it's a noisy night for animals, luckily I'm pretty deaf now so it doesn't bother me any more, being old has some perks BOL

    Hopes you has a good weekend xxxxx

  4. Halloween can be very scary, but I go broom riding with my Mom on Halloween night so I miss all the chaos with the kids in costume at the door. Instead, I get to look down over everyone all over the world. I also get to meet lots of other familiars riding with their moms. By the time we get back home in the early morning, I'm very tired and sleep for hours. I hope your Halloween is quiet and stressless. Happy Halloween my friend, Woofs and licks, Pogo B.