Thursday, October 31, 2013


Izzi's Halloweens ...

Looks at this ... I trusted her and this is whats she dids to me. 
And then she says, shows your profiles ... what's a profiles?  I don't has a profiles.
I throws my heads up in disgusts ... I can bears this no longers.
Oh, she says to tells you Happy's Halloweens ...
what's Halloweens?  Will somebodys please comes gets me out of heres!

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  1. Poor Izzi. I like you best in your natural state. You need no adornment to make you beautiful.

  2. HI Andrea Oh the poor dog.I am sure he is glad it only lasts a day!!!

  3. Oh! that is very well dressed.

  4. Awww, you are adorable. I think your human did a great job and so did you.

    Have a woof woof day. :)

  5. That is too cute! We have an Izzy, too. She's a high maintenance 6 lb chihuahua. Your Izzi is a beautiful girl!

  6. Looking adorable Izzi **swoons** red really suits you.

    Mummy says thank you for joining in with this week's "Smile it's Friday"" hopes you has a pawsome Hallowen and weekend...


  7. I am working on my next post for the weekend about birds and my dog. I am a true dog person so this post really did put a smile on my face. The shot with the nose in the air is priceless.

  8. Yes that is how hard it is to get our dog, Cricket to sit as well. They have minds of their own don't they.