Friday, June 21, 2013

Smile it's Friday

Me, Myself and I

Lets me introduce you to my neighbor, Woody.  We used to run along the wire fence and have great conversations.  Then his Mom and Dad built a big fence because, when I wasn't there, Woody was chasing cars as they went by his fence.

Now he has to jump up in the air to see me ...

It's not easy to carry on a conversation this way ...

but we has fun anyway ...

Until he gets tired ...

My Mom thinks Woody is funny ... we laughs when we sees him jumping ... even when it isn't Friday :)


  1. Hello Izzi **waves paw**

    Woody sure does look cute bouncing about, his ears are as big as mine, looks like he will flap them and fly like me BOL

    Thank you for joining in with Smile it's Friday. Your pictures always make me and mummy smile although Woody made mummy LOL


  2. Oh Izzy! You have such interesting friends. Maybe his parents would entertain the idea of having a window added to the fence with some kind of attractive metal grating that would allow you to converse. It might feel like you're giving confession to a Priest or visiting someone in the slammer, but at least Woody wouldn't have to keep jumping up to say hi.

  3. Woody is a cutie pie. I'm glad you've a nice neighbor.

    Have a woof woof day. My best to your mom. ☺

  4. Woody is nearly as cute as you are. And with those ears he can probably fly if he tries just a little harder.

  5. Oh my, Woody is a cutie!! I think that The QJ has the right idea. A window in the fence would be perfect for the two of you to be able to see one another. Maybe someone should put a bug in his folks' ear about this. You have a wonderful night, licks and woofs, Pogo B.