Sunday, June 16, 2013

Mandarin Orange Monday

Mandarin Orange Monday #46

Now is the time of year when going to the garden is a great source of orange.  This is a small orange Delia from one of my planters on the deck.

PSE filters and pdpa textures were used to get the different effects. 

Today is "Father's Day", so to all of the Fathers, Husbands and Sons out there who have had the privilege of being a Father ... Have a wonderful day today and everyday!


  1. Beautiful flowers and such a vibrant color! Hope you've had a great weekend, Andrea, and a great week to come!!

  2. I love your dahlias. I like the second technique best. The colors are more vibrant. Hope the dads in your family had a wonderful day. I'm at work, so can't chat too long. You have a good night, hugs, Edna B.

  3. Truly gorgeous - if only I could grow them that way...

  4. That is a good splash of orange.

    I like finding out the meaning of words and phrases - some of them

    For some reason its not Fathers Days here - its earlier in the year - but I'll feel good about being a dad anyway!

    Stewart M - Melbourne

  5. Beautiful flowers. The last treatment looks like a tapestry.

  6. A pretty flower to start with and an exellent finale. Great.
    Best whishes.

  7. Brilliant work. Happy MOM.

    Mine are here and here.

  8. I just wrote a long comment and somehow it has gone..... (not using my own computer).
    So I will say it again :) You have taken us on an exciting journey this week! From a pretty flower ( of which I have happy childhood memories) to a transformation that seems to glow in the night. The next one I like for the texures, the last for its softness.
    Thank you once again for being part of Mandarin Orange Monday:)
    ps. I just noticed you love any film with Johnny Depp tooo!!)

    (or perhaps I have just given you two comments:))?? Confusing using someone else's computer.....