Friday, March 1, 2013

Photo Art Friday

Photo Art Friday
Some of you know already that I have collected elephants for well over sixty years, so, as you can imagine, my house is full of them ... many of them vintage.

This is a "Baby Mine" Toothpick holder from the early 20th century.
These are lids to a set of Depression Glass Elephant Powder Boxes
When I graduated from nursing a friend started a collection of "Invalid Cups" for me.  These were used both to feed and to medicate sick family members in the home in the early 20th century.  Many had them in the pattern of their personal china.
For a change of pace, I drew from my husband's collection.  He worked for one of the big bad oil companies for years and now has a collection of Gas Globes.
There's more where these came from Bonnie, so any time you want to repeat "Vintage" I'm game:)


  1. Fun collection of shots for the day, Andrea! Enjoy your weekend!!

  2. glorious, Andrea!! I used to collect ellies, too, though Now I collect the ones that can live in my memory and heart...

    wish I'd known you to give you mine when I still had them.

  3. First I love that you used personal stuff from your collections for your pieces.
    I really liked the first edit of that gorgeous elephant toothpick holder. I also like your hubby's piece a lot.

  4. I do like the first edition. Best.
    Have a grest weekend.
    Mormor Norway.

  5. Well ... you can showcase this caliber of vintage editing any time you want on PAF, Andrea!!

    Elephants are my favorite animal and I would love to see your entire collection. That toothpick holder is a real treasure and so beautifully presented here.

  6. Each photo is different but when made 'vintage', seem to have a connection! Thanks for sharing your collections, too! I used to collect rabbits but now it's pears!
    Go figure!

  7. Simply gorgeous. One of my favourite Dali paintings is 'Swans Reflecting Elephants' and a giant painting of myriad elephants intertwined hangs over our bed. An incredible animal.

  8. Oh what beautiful collectibles! I love your toothpick holder elephant. What is it made of? It looks like gold and amber glass. Wow, simply beautiful!!

    I like your hubby's gas globe too. I love seeing things from the past, and you've presented them beautifully.

    The invalid cup looks like a little teapot. When I had my ceramic store, I used to make "dignity cups" for some of my clients whose hands were quite shaky. The cups had two handles giving the user a better grip.

    You have a great day my friend. Hugs, Edna B.

  9. You found a very nice use for your collection of antiques, as well as Dave's. I like this prompt, too.

  10. Andrea- My late comment echoes the others. Lovely images of the collection you share you home with. It seems like you really enjoyed this prompt!