Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Wild Bird Wednesday ...

Wild Bird Wednesday 17
The African Crowned Cranes

As the map shows the Black and Gray Crowned Cranes live only in the central and southern part of Africa.  They are revered by the people there, but still face the same dangers of extinction because their wetland habitats are being altered for agriculture.  The Crowned Cranes are believed to have existed on earth for 33 to 50 million years.  As the earth cooled many of them died off.  The only remaining flocks are in the warm climate of Africa.  The body of the Crowned Cranes still carries evidence of it's primitive beginnings.  They are the only modern Cranes that still have a usable long, grasping hind toe (halux) that allows them to roost in trees.

    (picture from International Crane Foundation Publication)

The Grey Crowned Crane:

The Grey Crowned Cranes are more common that the Black Crowned Cranes.  Their population is declining though they are not yet officially listed as threatened.

The Black Crowned Crane:

The Black Crowned Crane is larger and has a darker body then the Grey Crowned Crane.  They have  smaller wattles and pink and white on their cheek patches.

(pictures taken at the International Crane Foundation)
Happy WBW Day ...


  1. Now that is a fancy HAIRDO!! What a beautiful bird and a great post for the day, Andrea!! Hope your week is off to a good start! Enjoy!

  2. Crowned cranes look regal for sure. I like their colouring too. How sad they are losing their preferred habitat.

    Thank you for the information about why barred owls have brown eyes! I can't wait to share that information with my husband.

  3. Oh wow, what gorgeous cranes! They really are so beautiful. It would be a shame to lose them. Your photos are fabulous. I never realized they had red (or maroon) feathers in the tail. How beautiful! I'm at work, so gotta get busy here. You have a wonderful night. Hugs, Edna B.

  4. Such a bizarre, and beautiful bird. Thank you.

  5. such spectacular yet rather odd looking birds! so neat. :)

  6. They are such beautiful birds, we have these in our zoo and I always enjoy seeing them~

  7. Beautiful specimens!!
    I knew I could count on you to present something of beauty to
    brighten up my morning.