Monday, November 5, 2012

Mandarin Orange Monday

Mandarin Orange Monday #17
I am into owls this week ... I guess because I have started working with the raptors again it just seemed to fit my agenda :)   This is a stained glass window I have in my living room.  It is, of course, oranged up.   I had it for years before I saw the owl in it.  It is perfect for me because I am a raptor person ... I love the raptors even though they are predators, they are very necessary for keeping down the rodent population and even for culling small birds (I don't like that part, but do understand the need when I see how many sparrows and blackbirds there are at the end of the breeding season).  So that's where I am coming from today ... Enjoy!
I took this to PicMonkey and ran it through the Orten and Urbane filters to get the effect.  Then I added the Museum Mat framing. 

This is an oranged up Owl birdhouse that hangs on my front porch.  I don't expect any birds to settle into it, it is more for decoration.  I took this picture to Pic Monkey as well and ran it through the Urbane filter.  Then I added a fabric texture and framed it.  Of course all of my pictures are tweaked in PSE before I take them for editing.

This, of course, is not an owl, but I really liked this picture.  It is painted on a wood tray and I thought the artist did an awesome job ... and it is orange so It fits :).  Hope you all have a wonderfully  orange week ...  And, Don't let voter suppression tactics keep you from voting tomorrow.  Your country needs you!


  1. I love your owls. Stained glass windows are so beautiful. There used to be a little shop not far from here where they made all sorts of gorgeous stained glass lamps, etc. It was such a treat to window shop. You have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.

  2. Loved all of these. The texture on that tray is lovely - but who doesn't love an owl. Or six owls. Or more.

  3. Americans should vote their conscience. The only voter suppression we saw were the Black Panthers keeping conservative voters out of voting booths out in the eastern U.S. If legal Americans want to vote, they can and should.

  4. Andrea what a stunning display of orange today!! Love all three. The owl really does glow (in the night?)..almost is on fire. Great textures and colours.
    The owl birdhouse... you have really done a great job processing...i see poster edges (?) and an interesting texture and best of all.... gorgeous colour! I also like the way you cropped the image too.

    Thanks again for being part of Mandarin Orange Monday.

  5. Hard to believe, given your interests, that it took you a while to see the owl in that stained glass.