Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Wild Bird Wednesday

Babies In My Yard

Every year the parents bring their babies to my yard to teach them where they can find food.  Some you can really tell by looking at them, but most you have to guess or just listen to their funny little food begging noises.  
 This little Nut Hatch is more interested in finding a bug on the tree than the feeder full of peanuts where his parents are feasting.

Mom Mallard brings her babies to my Yum Yum Tree every year.  At this point you can't tell Mom from the babies, but I know at least one of these Mallards is a baby.  The Red Wing Black Bird is not at all  afraid of the ducks and they don't bother him.  But they will chase the crows :)

The Chickadee babies are the cutest.  There are usually three of them and they burst onto the tree with their parents making noises of excitement, playing and chasing each other and eventually settling down to eat some black oil sunflower seeds.  

The cardinals bring their babies as well, but you can't tell them from their mother and the same goes for the sparrows ... many baby sparrows, but they all look the same.  The baby black birds look the same but they have a harsh squawking call.  It doesn't take them long to hone their calls and soon you can't tell them from their parents either.  The Black Birds are starting to form flocks ... one of the first signs of fall :)



  1. Hello Andrea!:) Great shots of all your visitors. It's nice when the parents bring their young to our gardens to teach them where to find food. I could watch them for hours,...well I do watch them
    for hrs!! Lovely creatures!:)

  2. You have captured some lovely images of so many birds, how wonderful to have them visit every year with their youngsters.
    Have a great Wednesday.

  3. I see it is all happening at your place over there.

  4. Love the birds! Great photos!

  5. You have all these in your garden? Then you are the happy one. Even if the long tailed tit is cute. It was in a treetop 10 km from my home :)