Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Wild Bird Wednesday

Spring has Sprung! 

It was cold when we returned from Thailand and for the first few days, I was in no condition to pay any attention to the weather outside.  But, finally I realized that it was warming up and that there was open water on our lake.  It is hard to imagine the changes that occur when the water opens up on the lake.  Suddenly there are migrating birds everywhere and a family meeting taking place on the ice.
 All but one of these eagles are juveniles and they all arrived as a group and hung out near the water's edge, just waiting for an opportunity.

 Soon they began to disperse and find their own spots to hunt from ...

 This youngster met with success and brought her tasty morsel up into my tree ...

 Checking to make sure she was safe before she began to eat ...

Meanwhile on the ice, the hunt goes on ... and has continued for several days.

This one discovered her companions had left so she is calling to see where they are.
Soon she flew off ( I say she because she was huge and the males are noticeably smaller) to come back again the next day.  I have found them in my tree in the morning, but usually when I go out with Izzi, so I don't have my camera with me. There are more pictures to be had. This afternoon, I saw a White Pelican fly by and the mate of the adult Eagle has arrived ... so spring is here, my friends.  Finally ...



  1. I was just about to ask how you knew it was a "she"... ... hahahaha... oh, yeh...bigger and stronger and more beautiful.....

  2. how wonderful. You might not have seen much in Thailand but you do at home. I have never seen an eagle that close in Sweden. Except for overhead.

    I think in Thailand you did not see many birds, bur you heard them. But I think you did not really have time to go strolling on your own looking for birds. My trip was a bird photography one, yours was more social :)

  3. What a privilege to see. Thank you so much for sharing the magic.

  4. Awesome post and photos, they eagles are cool! Have a happy day!

  5. So many eagles! What a great, great bird!

  6. Wow - having Eagles in your tree is rather impressive - we get the odd crow!!
    Glad you have Spring making an appearance!
    Wren x

  7. What a wonderful gathering to be able to see. Had to laugh about the 'no fit state to pay attention to the weather' - don't you just love Jet Lag!! Hope you have recovered!

    cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne