Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Wild Bird Wednesday

Lady (Coppers)Hawk
My wonderful female Coopers Hawk has returned to her favorite place for spawning an attack 0n my feeder birds.

 I don't see her much in the summer months.  I assume she is busy raising a family. But, she will come to this spot all winter, sit for a long period of time until she becomes unnoticed by the other birds, then .... well, you know the rest of the story.  I do feel ambivalent about this routine.  She is, after all, after my birds,  but, she has to eat to survive and she is a magnificent hunter ...

I love this bird ... :)


Disclaimer ... no, that is not really me.  I only wish I looked half that good, but you get the idea, right?


  1. Beautiful bird and terrific captures!! Love it!!

  2. She's a beautiful bird, Andrea. I hate to see my little birds hunted too, although I realize that these other birds have to eat too. Oh my, your roses are gorgeous!! I love it when they insist on blooming late into the cold season. They look so beautiful against the starkness of Autumn.

    The mail came and brought me a new fat catalogue of jewelry makingt supplies. Oh my, I'm drooling already! I really must start doing this again. I've already been setting aside some supplies to take along with me to Florida in a few months. It will be something fun to do while I'm sitting out on my little porch and enjoying the super weather.

    I've been following Storm Ajax on TV all morning, and I hope it doesn't make it to your area. It's just too early to be inundated with tons of snow. At least, I know I'm not ready for it. Today is only in the 40's but the sun is shining and it's a rather nice day.

    My little guy is hinting (hopping around and barking at me) that he is wanting some lunch, so I think I'll head for the kitchen. You and Izzi have a super day, hugs, Edna B.

  3. She is indeed beautiful.
    I share your ambivalence, but they do have to eat. And are less wasteful than humans. Much less wasteful.

  4. Great photos of a magnificent bird - but I don't think I would like to watch her make a catch right in front of me. I know that is what she is supposed to do - but ----????

  5. You are fortunate to be able to see her so close to you. A beauty.

  6. She's beautiful! How fortunate you are (but not your yard birds!) having her come and visit! Great photos!

  7. thank you for commenting on my hawk yesterday. that was not the exact sound, i found a youtube that has the look and the sound, and it is a juvenile red shoulder. thanks for solving the mystery

  8. WOW now I have lots of bird feeders but the hawks hardly ever get near any of them. While you certainly don't want this scenario, what amazing images you got of her, just absolutely stunning Andrea~

  9. She is indeed a beauty. I know it's hard when they kill the smaller birds but it is "nature's way."

  10. Ladyhawk! One of my first aliases on the internet was Ladyhawk. :)
    Your lady is magnificent. :)

  11. What a great looking bird! I'd love to have some hawks close to home. My adventure away was great - and a long string of posts from Lord Howe Island is about to start. That's an island about 2 hours into the Pacific from the east coast of Australia. It was utterly wonderful.

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne