Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Wild Bird Wednesday

Mrs. Cardinal

This little beauty is one of my favorite visitors.   She is a regular, but it is hard to get a picture because she is far more shy than her brilliantly colored husband. However, once it turns cold she is bolder and the need is greater so she stays on the feeder until she gets what she wants/needs.  Lucky me :)

Now for my tale of woe ... Izzi and I were headed out for a round of Frisbee . Izzi bolted out the door as always and I was right behind her.  We made it into the yard when suddenly I saw a pair of adult male Eagles taking flight, one from my tree and one from the neighbors.  By the time I got in the house and back out with my camera all that was left was a blurred silhouette in the distance.  And the sky was pink ... wouldn't that have been an awesome catch.  If only .... :(
 It is cold and gray here, but we are still surrounded with things to be thankful for ... Hope you all have a wonderful week.



  1. neat to see the eagles! and i love the female cardinals. such pretty colorations.

  2. I love how you photographed the little birds. Great o have seen an Eagle

  3. I love the cardinals too. The male is gorgeous, but the female is really quite beautiful too. As for the eagles, I would loved to have seen them. Who knows, maybe they'll come back and you'll get another chance at a photo.

    Pogo had a bit of an off day yesterday, but he seems to be feeling much better today. Probably just a little cold. The weather is so crazy lately. It goes up and down constantly. Oh well. Spring is coming!

    Today I need to get busy and finish up my wrapping and packing. I've taken a bit of a break from it all, but now I really need to get it finished. I want everything out of here and in the mail between this weekend and the first of next week. My bedroom looks like a Christmas Shoppe, and it would be nice to have it back as a bedroom again. lol.

    I've already started getting things together for our vacation (in March). The biggest problem is deciding what to pack to play with while we are away. I bought some new crochet pattern books, so maybe I'll work on something from them while we are in Florida. Hmmmm.

    Well, it's time for me to get busy here. You and Izzi have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.

  4. Love Mrs Cardinal. Subtler than her show-off husband - but no less beautiful.
    How lucky you saw the eagles - and you surely have that shot preserved in your memory files.

  5. Nice to see that sweet Cardinal eating her fill.

  6. lovely photos of the cardinal...and great that you at least got to see the eagles...the silhouette of the eagle would make a nice layer in an abstract photo collage!!!

  7. Cardinals are regulars here. The females are so beautiful! Nice shots!

  8. She may be shy but she's lovely. Those males are just "show offs" - I feel your plight about the eagle shot, that is usually what happens to me, I never get the camera on time.

  9. I'd love to have these in my garden - I think our winters may be just a bit too mild for the birds to flock to the feeder like they seem to in The States.

    Glad you liked the Swallows - and there were plenty of flies out on that day for them!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne