Saturday, December 20, 2014

An Aussi-spicious Life

An Aussi-spicious Life

Izzi's views on Santa Paws ...

Oh Nos ... It's Santa Paws again!

Do any of yous remembers this from last years.  I dos ... only too wells.  So whats the bigs deals abouts this guy named Santa Paws.  He's a fats man with red pajamies and hair all over his face ... but every years my Moms makes me takes my picture with hims.  Now most of you knows that Aussies don't like strangers.  And I can tells you that we especially don't likes strangers with Red Pajamies and hair all over their faces.  So why ... somebody's please explains to me ... whys?

Well, todays I heards my Moms talking and she saids Santa Paws was not goings to be here this years.  Wows!  I thought I hads caughts myself a breaks ... but my Moms is not to be outdones ...

This Santa has no smells ... I can't tell what he is and if he
is plannings on eatings me ... Somebody .... Helps me!

Merry Christmas to all of my doggie Lovin' Friends :)! 


P. S.  If you are a purist and are offended by a silly talking dog, I apologize.  Izzi doesn't have
her own venue, so she gets put where I think there might be people who have a good sense of humor and can appreciate Izzi's points of view.


  1. izzi, you look so sad. you made me smile, though.

  2. Love it. She is a gorgeous dog. I hope Santa Paws brings her goodies.

  3. Spoken like a true Aussie. This one isn't big on strangers either.
    Have a wonderful Christmas Izzi - and to your mama as well.

  4. Such a fun post for the day!! I love it! Hope you have beautiful, wonderful holiday!! Enjoy!!

  5. Love these shots of Izzi! Hope next year you just use one of the old shots though, as he does not look too happy! Hoping that you have a wonderful Christmas!

    1. That's really the point ... dogs don't really get into Santa the way we do as a rule. In fact, like Izzi, are mostly afraid of him. That is what Izzi is trying to say here. But, yes, I much prefer her happy pictures too.


  6. Tell you Mum this big guy is not the real Santa but a 'blow in'! And by the look on your face you don't think too much of him either. Perhaps last years guy will be back next year! Have a great week.

  7. You had me giggling over this post and photos.. Poor Izzi! She is a sweetie! Thank you for sharing your post and for linking up. Have a happy weekend!

  8. Santa Paws is so cute! I love your images.

  9. Izzi girl, it's only one day a year, so hang in there. We love seeing photos of our furry kids sitting on Santa's lap. At least you don't have to wear a Santa suit or a reindeer suit. Like my little Pogo. Granted, he only had to wear them long enough to have his picture taken. I must say, that huge inflatable Santa is just awesome. And it can't hurt you, so enjoy!!

    Pogo and I wish you a very Merry Christmas. We're hoping that Santa Paws brings you everything on your wishlist. Woofs and hugs, Edna & Pogo B.