Friday, August 1, 2014

Smile it'a the Weekend

So, Badger Boos ... Last week you posted your picture with a HUGE treat bone and I promised I would responds today.  I hads to get proofs that I was tellings the truths.  So here's my storys.

My Mom says I is an agilities dog and therefores I has to stays in shapes.  She claims that if I gets overweights it will be hards on my joints (like I even knows what a joints is). Anyways to makes a long storys shorts, my treats are so littles thats I'm not even sures I has anythings in my mouths when she gives it to mes.(See picture below)

Now I has to be honest with yous.  I do gets more than one treats a day.  In facts I gets one of those little things whenevers I do goods.  And, my Buddies and I in agilities class has learned that if we give the other Moms the "eyes", they will gives us treats, so I is not really neglected completelys, but looks at that little treat ... Really Moms, you can't do betters than that!

So thats my sad storys, Badger Boos, and I'm stickin' toos it.  
Hopes you is havins a goods week :)


  1. OMP my comment disappeared again.

    I remember the days of tiny treats when I was a show dog, as no chewing allowed when being judged, luckily I was a skinny pup until last year when mummy said I was getting porky so I still got good treats outside the ring. My foster mummy used to do agility until she hurt her back leg, so your mummy is being cruel to be kind in keeping you slim.

    Thank you for linking up with this week's Smile it's the Weekend, hope you has a pawsome one xxx

  2. Poor Izzi. How she suffers.
    And anyone who talks about the honesty of animals has NEVER had an animal tell them that they haven't been fed since the Christmas before last and it is so long since they had a pat they cannot remember - but the dinosaurs who were there will know.

  3. You are very good with giving those sad eyes.

  4. google ate my comment. will try again later.

  5. too funny......
    Stewie knows how you feel...his milkbone treats are broken up into pieces for him...

  6. I think google ate my comment too...