Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Wild Bird Wednesday

Wild Bird Wednesday 32

Every year I have a little band of Mallards that come to my feeder then, in the winter once the lake freezes, they move on to a warmer climate where there is more food available.  This year though, I have one lonely little male who is still here.  I am sure there is a sad story behind why he stayed, but I have been putting duck food out for him every day to help him make it through the winter. 

But, on this day ...
My little flock of crows came along and told Mr.Duck that they were going to eat the duck food and he would have to leave.

He left and came back several times, but the crows persisted ... so he just left.

Later that day, he did come back to eat, but I haven't seen him since ... I may just be missing him because I come and go and am not always watching my feeders ... I sure hope so.

Meanwhile ... on the other side of the yard at the bird bath ... Look who is here.  My first Red Wing Blackbird.  Yet another sign that Spring is near ...

Today it is in the teens, we have had another dusting of snow and the wind is whipping it up in swirls ... Oh, I am so ready for Spring!

WBW addendum: The little boy Mallard was at the feeder this afternoon eating his heart out ... I was happy to see him


  1. poor little mallard. hope he's finding food. :)

  2. Awww, poor Mr. Duck. Love the RWing, great shot!

  3. Poor little duck - hope the others decide to share with him soon

  4. I'm feeling sad for the mallard.

    I can't believe the red-winged blackbird is there already! Hardy souls!

  5. Hi Andrea and thanks for your kind comments re my blog. I am sure Mr Mallard will be OK in finding food for himself, after all that's waht birds do best - apart from flying.

  6. Crows must be the same all over the world - bossy and domineering! The Red-winged Blackbird is beautiful.

  7. Great series!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  8. Great shots, I hope the duck just moved on to find some food. I see Mallards here year round, they do not leave in the winter.

  9. Great little gif that you have done... I still have no idea how to do that. Really cute. Sure do how that little mallard has found another food stash somewhere!

  10. It's getting wild in that backyard of yours. Let's hear it for the mallard.

  11. I glad the duck managed to get some food. Duck / crow battles are not one that I think of very often.

    Come to Tasmania in our summer and you will miss some of your winter - that has to move it up the list a bit!

    Cheers and thanks for linking to WBW.

    Stewart M - Melbourne

  12. I feel bad for Mr. Duck. I can't help but wonder if he is one of the pair who come to eat under my pine tree. I guess I may find out come Spring, because the pair comes every Spring & Summer.
    Unfortunately crows & blackbirds have a "gang mentality". *sigh* It's hard to be alone.

  13. I love your photos. That's a great shot of the red winged black bird. My heart went out to little Mr. Duck, so I'm very happy to hear that he is back and doing well. Maybe this Spring, he will find himself a mate (or a new mate) and have a happy life. You have a fabulous evening. Hugs, Edna B.

  14. Great series! I hope spring visits you soon!

  15. Love the animation! Poor little guy being outnumbered by the bullies. :-(
    I've never seen a Red-Winged Blackbird in person, but when I see them on blogs they are beautiful!

  16. I want spring to be here NOW!Having the RW blackbird is a good sign it`s just around the corner.
    I hope the crows haven`t bullied the duck away.
    Your recent post of some of your crew looks like a couple of mine!Have a great evenning!phyllis