Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Wild Bird Wednesday

Wild Bird Wednesday 31

Good News ... Lady Hawk is back:)  All of my concerns were for naught.  She showed up in my tree, right outside my winder and sat there for well over an hour, conserving, warming ... observing.

Note that she is sitting (roosting) with one foot tucked into her feathers ... she periodically would change feet as the one that was out got cold.

She is very alert ... observing everything around her
including me ...
After a long time, the foot came down ...
And she started preparing for flight ...
aligning her tail feathers ...
stretching her wings ...
lightening her load :)
ruffling her feathers to get them all in place ...

stretching each leg ...
giving me a brief look at the tools of her trade ...

Back to stealth mode ... I knew she was ready to go and I was ready with my camera ...
But in the time it took me to push the shutter button, she was gone ... into the bush behind the tree ...
You can't see it, but she has prey ... she has made a kill and I am in awe of her swiftness and efficacy.  No, I don't like that she has killed, but she kills to survive and that is how nature works.  So, I allow myself to be in awe ...


  1. she is SO beautiful! these are great shots, andrea!

  2. Beautiful set of photos for a very beautiful bird!

  3. Fantastic shots, Andrea! I'm jealous! I rarely see hawks, much less this close! Beautiful!

  4. Beautiful series!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  5. Magnificent bird and great to get such close and prolonged views of her.

  6. What a wonderful post and time well spent with your lodger, she is beautiful.

  7. Thank you for sharing the gift of this story with photos at each step. They are magnificent birds and not always easy to get photos of.

  8. Fantastic series! It is a cool looking hawk!

  9. What a magnificent bird, fabulous shots!

  10. Thats a really great set of pictures - I love the swapping feet routine.

    You may be pleased to know I still have a few more Tasmanian shots to post!

    Cheers and thanks for linking to WBW

    Stewart M - Melbourne

  11. She is learning to live in Winter. Her creator is showing her how to survive and figure it all out. She is beautiful, and obviously smart. She's figuring it all out.

  12. Fabulous pics - especially the one with her tail feathers spread out!

  13. Yeah, I was hoping that would be the case and she certainly has blessed you with some great photo opportunities!

  14. I'm glad to hear she returned!
    Great series of a beautiful raptor.