Friday, November 30, 2012

Photo Art Friday

Photo Art Friday

These Three little boys were born in the closet of our guest room to a feral mother who we had rescued and intended to have spayed ... too late :)

To say that they were photogenic would be an understatement ... and they were hams as well.  They would be the perfect subject for my first photo book ...

Soon after this picture was taken Latte (Mom) and Teddy Bear (smallest little boy) went to a new home ... and then there were two :)
Fonzi (named because he was the alpha)
Chachi (named because he is sweet and he is Fonzi's best bud ...)

So that is the story of my favorites ... not to mention that there are many more favorites that will probably never be seen ...
As to my "best" ... hopefully I haven't seen that yet, but these two are probably the among the best that I have done in photo art so far.
The hardest part of this prompt was in the choosing, the best part was that it forced me to go through and organize pictures in a way that makes them available for future use ... Thanks Bonnie, great idea.  Wishing you and all of the PAF followers a wonderful Holiday Season ...


  1. Oh, I love your kitties!! How adorable they are and your captures are terrific!! Thanks for sharing them, Andrea! Hope you have a wonderful weekend -- the kitties, too!!

  2. the shots of your cats are so full of life and personalities. what a great subject for a photobook!

  3. glorious!! a wondrous story told and wishing you much adventure ahead!!

  4. Now why didn't I think of organizing as I scrolled through my images! lol

    These photos are delightful - I especially like the second where you can see a little pink tongue.

    Your "Passages" image is so FINE!!!

    And I agree - our favorite photo should always be our next one!

    Thanks so much for sharing your artwork and insiration with Photo Art Friday, Andrea.

  5. I think your kitties would make a great photo book. They are simply adorable and full of fun.

    I agree that the hard part of going through your photos is trying to pick out what you think are the best for the book or project. I go through this every year when I try to put my calendar together.

    But, it IS fun! One of these days I want to make a photo book too.

    But now I'm off to catch some winks. You have a wonderful night. Hugs, Edna B.

  6. I am in love with your boys, and in awe of your photographic talent. As always.

  7. Love the photos of the cats and their story!