Monday, November 26, 2012

Mandarin Orange Monday

I am late with My MOM picture ... life is on the fly with all of the holiday stuff that needs to be done.  But, I try to make time for myself too and that is why I am here tonight :)

A caption would be fitting for this one ... facial expressions always say a lot.  What do you see?

I went to lengths to clear out the cluttered background of this picture.  I used PSE selection tool them blacked out the background leaving the floor which is also orangish (hardwood floors) and a rug that seemed to fit in.  Then I used the lighting effects filter which should have been enough, but it seemed dull.  So off to Pic Monkey for a filter I can't remember the name of, then a two different textures and a frame.  Wish I could give you more details, but I didn't write anything down, duh!  Anyway, hope you enjoy :)

1 comment:

  1. I see a perplexed expression! Or maybe it isn't, maybe it is a "who does he think he is" expression on the ornament cat.
    And I see a very curious and watchful ginger cat. He may even be admiring the decorated one.
    It's a great image- lots to see and fun. I like your editing too- very precise and stripy! Thanks for describing the processes. I write them down..but then i can't work out what I have gets all mixed up and I am left with just a few details.
    Thanks Andrea, for taking part in Mandarin Orange Monday:)