Sunday, November 18, 2012

Mandarin Orange Monday

I have but one lonely little orange picture this week.  It has been a busy weekend and the holiday week coming up is also packed with goodies ... so only time for one :)
This is me cooking a turkey :)
Hope you all have a Happy Family Thanksgiving!


  1. It looks beautiful but i would not want to eat it

  2. Hi again Andrea, this is my first time to join this meme! I got two posts from each of my blogs, didn't know i had two oranges today. Your post is not funny, but I laughed! Maybe you are not only cooking turkey there but also some reptiles, insects and butterflies!

  3. Oh golly! You have me giggling here! I was trying to figure out if this was a heavily textured tree or a forest fire. Until I read the caption! Oh this is so funny. You and I cook alike!

    Years ago, I could cook up a storm. Then everyone grew up and moved away, and hubby wasn't a fussy eater. I got away from a lot of cooking. When my brother moved in, he took over the cooking.

    A while back I tried my hand at baking a birthday cake which of course turned out to a disaster. Tasty, but odd looking.

    I absolutely love your orange offering. It was so unexpected and is still tickling my funny bone. I will have to post mine tomorrow as I forgot today.

    You have a fabulous day, hugs, Edna B.

  4. You surely got my day/week started with a great laugh!! I'm afraid my story is like what Edna wrote! Cooked all the time when my four kids were growing up and was a pretty darn good cook at that. Then they grew up, I stopped cooking and now days I'd almost be afraid to eat anything I cooked from scratch!! Ah, but it keeps me from gaining weight!!! Have a wonderful week!

  5. What amazing textures...I wonder how you did it? It almost looks like marble or stone of some sort. And is it really a fire? I like the way the grass at the front makes a linear pattern in front too.
    Good luck with your turkey cooking:))
    And thank you for being part of Mandarin Orange Monday:)