Monday, July 11, 2016

Through My Lens

The Thailand Grand Palace

It says Grand Palace, but in reality we were not allowed on the grounds of the actual Grand Palace, but we did visit the  Wat Phra Kaeo ... Temple of the Emerald Buddha (The Emerald Buddha is carved from Jade, not emerald, and is clothed in gold gowns).  The history of how it came to Thailand or even where it was from is not certain, but it is the most Sacred Buddha in Thailand and is looked on as the protector of the people. 

The brown area shows the area of the Temple that we visited.

From the outside ... looking from the street ...

As we entered, it was very crowded and everyone was held to a strict dress code.  One of our party members had to "borrow" a wrap to cover more of her legs.

The Emerald Buddha  
(This picture is from the internet because we were not allowed to take pictures inside the temple ...)

This is the Grand Palace ... we were able to get pictures even though we couldn't go in.

Build in 1782, it was the seat of government for over 150 years.

The intricate architecture and art throughout the complex was beautiful ... more than beautiful, amazing, something I wish everyone could see in their lifetime.
The Wat Phra Kaeo is the spiritual center of Thailand

Though Military presence was noticeable ...

Time to go ...

A last look ...

And many beautiful memories ...


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  1. So many wonderful building and quite ornate.

  2. Memories to hug to yourself forever.
    Thank you for sharing some of the magic.

  3. wow, beautiful. We are planning South East Asia later this year, but don't know where yet. This is giving me an idea. It looks much less crowded than I imagine anywhere in Thailand to be.

  4. So many memories come back when I see these pictures - the colours, the shapes. I may have to go back.

    The islands in my pictures from my Week at the Prom are all still part of Victoria - Tasmania is over the horizon somewhere!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne