Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Wild Bird Wednesday

Two young juveniles, probably siblings, put on quite a show for us right in my back yard.  They were sparring and it looked pretty serious, but then they both flew around and away together.  Play fights are how they learn, I presume, and these two were getting really good at it.  It was hard to get pictures because they kept flying over the tops of the trees ... but I am happy with what I was able to capture.  What a thrill :)



  1. Great to be able to see them learning their skills.

  2. Are these Eagles? What neat shots of them.

  3. your images are great. Don´t think they could have been any better. I love them. And this such a fun way to capture birds :)

  4. These are so great Andrea... I can never get good flight shots at all, much less of all this amazing action! (Amazing and a little scary... I know they have to it to learn, but still...)

  5. Cant believe that you get to see birds like this from your garden! Wow.

    I could not bring myself to take any pictures of the tern chick that dod not make - although in hind-sight I think I should have. Its all part of the story.

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

    PS: The idea that I will have been doing WBW for 200 weeks soon in rather shocking!