Tuesday, March 29, 2016

NF Trees and Bushes

Of course, a Coconut Tree in Thailand ... I sipped coconut milk out of a fresh coconut for the first time.  It was good, but not very sweet.  I guess I am used to the US where they put sugar in everything.  Hence  rampant national Diabetes issues.  I do make an effort to eat and drink non-processed foods now so hopefully I will get over the craving of "sweet" in my food and drink.  



  1. Wonderful tree and photo. The coconut and palm trees are a favorite of mine, I love the tropics. Happy Tuesday, enjoy your day!

  2. Coconut palms always suggest warm, gentle breezes and good times. Lovely.

  3. Such a beautiful tree! Know you are relishing your photographic memories

  4. Fresh coconut milk is a treat isn't it?
    Love that photo.

  5. I have done that too, once, a long time ago. :) Don´t remember what it tasted really.
    The deer I posted are on a road about 20 km from my home that I never traveled before. A nice surprise :)