Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Wild Bird Wednesday

Wild Bird Wednesday
Spring means a number of things ... here it means the ice will melt on the lake and as it does fish that didn't survive the winter will start to appear on the surface.  And what that means is that every Sea Gull in the area will come to visit.  These pictures don't capture the enormity of the group of Sea Gulls that are here, but as the first picture shows there are many flying about looking for food there are at least three huge flocks resting in different places on the lake.  Good thing we love Sea Gulls :)
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So far all I have seen are the Herring Gulls.  They are beautiful, sleek and very adept at catching or finding food on the lake.   This is an adult in flight followed by an immature.

At the same time flocks of ducks and geese are arriving and I have my fingers crossed that the lake will thaw early enough for the White Pelicans to spend some time with us ... I love watching them, but the fisherman hate that they come here because they catch so many fish ... so who should get the fish ...  A fisherman fishing for sport or a beautiful bird fishing to survive :)
My answer would be both as long as there is enough fish for everyone.... Otherwise, the Pelicans get the nod :)

Have a wonderful Week everyone!



  1. The Pelicans would get the nod from me too.
    Love your lake, and your birds.

  2. Such beautiful birds!! I'm amazed that we see as many as we do here in Portland -- not like Seattle, but still pretty numerous!

  3. Might as well love em! If you live anywhere near the water especially. Lovely pictures. Glad spring is on the way for you.

  4. What lovely shots of the gulls. Of course, everyone knows that I love these birds. They are beautiful and so graceful. As for the fish, I say give them to the Pelicans. They can't survive without them. The fishermen can.

    It looks like Spring will be in your area way before it finds my little part of the world. With all the melting, we are still loaded with huge piles of snow. But I know Spring is coming because my calendar says so. Unfortunately, it is wearing a winter disguise so it is difficult to recognize it. haha.

    I saw my tax accountant today, and I was only missing a few items of info, which I have already put together and will take to him. I'll have to devise a better system of keeping track for next year. (and stick to it!)

    Well, it's almost time to turn in. You have a wonderful evening. Hugs, Edna B.

  5. My money's on the Pekicans getting the fish! Great flight shots and I am glad spring seems to be creeping your way.

  6. Gulls never miss a chance for a free feed - and neither do pelicans for that matter!

    Thanks so much for your kind comments and encouragement - and glad to see that your computer has recovered!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne