Friday, March 27, 2015

Hootin' Annie's Challenge

Hootin' Annie found an A for Annie in a natural state and challenged the rest of us to find our initial somewhere, anywhere in a natural state ... well here's my effort, though none of them are as clear as Annie's.  So it is A for Andrea ...

This one you may need some help with ...

now can you see it?

Not exactly natural, but an A-frame is a given ...

So there you have it.  If you have seen your initial somewhere, join Hootin' Annie's challenge ... it is open until March 31st.

Andrea @ From The Sol


  1. Very beautiful pictures, I think I wouldn't find anything with my name !

  2. Wow, that's a challenge. I found your A in the first image, but had no luck with the other images. Except for the bird houses. The A frames are a given. I love the "cat" art. One of these days I must try to get new photos of our "house" cats. They are beautiful, but for some reason not so friendly and definitely not cuddly. At least they have a much better life now than they had before.

    We still have the "kitty" house on the front porch, but so far it remains empty. Over the winter though, there were quite a few different tiny foot prints in the snow near by including some bird prints. Hmmm, makes me wonder who (or what) may have spent an overnight in there.

    Today is rather gray and wet, so Pogo and I will postpone our lunch outing in the park till another day when the weather is better. Tonight I'm going to watch Jazzy play Dorothy (in Wizard Of Oz). I can't wait to hear her singing Over The Rainbow.

    Well now I'm off to see what I can rustle up to tempt Pogo to eat. For some reason, he's being extra picky lately. Ah well, you and Izzi have a wonderful weekend. Hugs, Edna B.

  3. Ah, clever ones for the day, Andrea!! Hope you have a great weekend!! Enjoy!

  4. HI Andrea I am sure this is very clever butI am lost! Have a lovely weekend.

  5. This would be a challenge indeed....well done with all those examples you've found.

  6. Andrea....these are ALL perfect. You have an artistic eye and it shows here today. I'm truly enjoying what you found! Thanks for accepting the mission!!!!

  7. Ah well done! it's not as easy as it seems, and you did such a great job finding your A's, and lovely images too.

  8. Yep, I found it in all of them. Very nice work! And I appreciated your kind comment on my entry! Thanks for stopping by John's Island.