Monday, March 16, 2015

Boris and Badger Boo's Daft Adventures

I has another new friends, Boris ... just likes with you, I was not comfortables at firsts.  My brains keeps telling mes that I needs to barks when a strangers comes into my house.  It says "sounds the warnings, Izzis ... that's your jobs".  So that is what I dos, but she called me Yakity Yak ... how embarrassing.  Turns out she is my Unki's new wifes (what ever that is ... something abouts livings togethers forevers).  My Moms and Dads and Unki;s tolds me I didn't needs to barks because she is familys.  Well, if she is familys how comes I don't knows her?  Well, anyways, as always, I founds out she likes me and so I is now her friends and I don'ts barks at her anymores ... Everybody is happys including mes because she doesn't call me Yakity Yaks anymore.

Moms told me that my new friends came here froms a place that is very hots (Thailand) and they don't have snows.  Oh my Gods ... no snows!  How does anyone lives like thats.  Mom said she had never felts temperatures belows 50 degrees and it was below zero degrees when she gots here.  Quites a shocks, I am guessing.   Anyways, I showed her how much fun snows is and she likes it nows.  She threw snooballs at Unki and we all laughed.

  Then Unki showed her how to use the snow blower and now we has put her to works, Ha! ... hopes she doesn't change her minds about snows because she will be heres from now ons ...
Unki is smilings all the times.  That's nice, right?  So that's my story for todays, Boris ... Hopes you are feelings betters and a big woof to Badger Boos too.  



  1. Now that shots of you playing in the snow is wonderful. You looks like you love the snow.

  2. Big smiles - and welcomes to the new family member.

  3. It's always best to sound the warning just in case, but I can see that she looks like a very nice person and would be a good friend for you.

  4. What an exciting meeting this is, and what fun you must be having.

  5. Lucky you to have a new member to the family. And such a pretty one too. Maybe next winter she will take you out to play a lot in the snow. Won't that be nice! Enjoy your fun in the snow while you can. Woofs and hugs, Pogo and Edna B.

  6. how exciting...a new friend!!