Thursday, February 26, 2015

An Aussi-spicious Life ...

I hates boots ... buts when it is this colds I has to do somethings.  My feets are the only place I don't has a fur coats on.  My Moms says peoples has other ways of keeping warms.  Then she added this You-Tubes to my post and LOL the whole times she was watching  its.  You should clicks on its if you wants a good laughs ... Personally, I don't gets it, but I am takings my Moms words for it.


  1. HI Andrea That video is hilarious" Thanks for giving me a laugh, These boots do look funny on your dog however if it helps to keep his feet warm, that's great. Thanks for the comment today. Glad you are the enjoying the Malawian posts. Still a long way to go!!!!

  2. Very funny lady....tells it like it is. Izzie's boots look warm and dry, even if he doesn't care for them.

  3. Stewie says: I have booties big deal!! We are still great Aussies!!!!!