Friday, November 22, 2013

Smile It's The Weekend

Me, Myself and I

Izzi gets an Adjustments ...

I knows, I is young in dog stantards, buts I is a very active dogs.  I loves to play Frisbee and that means I has to jumps and twist in the airs.  I also loves my Agility in which I dos running and jumpings on different apparatuses.  So sadlys, I gets sore in my bodies and it starts to hurts when I dos things.

  But, todays, my Moms took me to a Chiropractors and she gaves me an adjustments (What's an Adjustments?)  All I knows is it mades me feels so much better ... I am so happys and now I can runs and jumps again likes before. (See smiles on my face and leaf on my butts ... what's that abouts?) 

My Mom says that if you are an active dogs, you should see a Chiropractors.  They can keeps you froms hurtins so much and they also will helps when you get olders.   If you goes regulars it will keeps you youngs:)
I can tells you to gos gets an adjustments even though I don't knows whats it is because I do knows how it makes me feels:)
So Badger Boos ... talks to your Moms abouts it.  Its will makes you youngs again, I thinks :)


  1. I should check into this. Our Little Bit is getting old and she has aches and pains.

    Have a woof woof day. My best to your mom. ☺

  2. That sounds awesome Izzi glad your feeling more flexible again. BB does have massages to keep the circulation good, but luckily never required the services of a chiropractor as of yet, although my last dog Meegan used to visit one several times a year to keep her joints good as she only had three legs and use to get back strains, she loved it too.

    Thank you some much for Joining in with this week's "Smile it's the Weekend"" Badger has a post he will add tomorrow.

    Hope you have a good weekend xxxx

  3. Gorgeous. Great advice, and a great spokesdog.

  4. At one point I had seriously considered being an animal massage therapist and still use the techniques on my cats. Good for you Izzy for taking such good care of yourself. An athlete has got to be at their best!

  5. Hmmm, I'll have to give that some thought. I wonder if it would help me knee? It slips in and out all by itself. It's quite annoying. I'm glad you are feeling so much better after your visit. By the way, that's a fabulous photo of you. You look more gorgeous every day. Have fun kiddo, woofs, Pogo B.

  6. First of all Andrea, I have to say thank you for stopping by my blog, and for your always appreciated comments. You have such a wonderful talent for making a person feel appreciated, and that is such an amazing gift. Is it the nurse in you:?"??? I never worry about if you are commenting often enough or not, I just try to share my heart, am not trying to win a frequent commenter award. LOL! Now, this is a very interesting post about you taking your dog to a chiropractor. My daughter has her horse done, but i have to say I never knew they had dog chiropractors. Before my yorkies, I had a most wonderful german shepard and as she got older, she had quite a bit of hip pain. I wish I had thought or know of chiropractic services for dogs, as I would have definitely taken her to try it out. Pills helped, but not completely. Your sweetie does look like the cat who swallowed the canary, smile and leaf butt and all.
    Hope that you have a wonderful thanksgiving! I am going to chicago and anxious to see my family there! Can't wait. Hugs to you from Texas