Friday, November 8, 2013

Smile It's Friday

Skunked ...

Oh Boys, Badger Boo, I gots a story to tells you this week.  You will be smilings, but I sure wasn't at the times.

It was nites time and I was going outs for my last potty walks.  I was walking along mindings my  business when I decided to takes a sniff in the bushes ...
Wows ...  I was hits with somethings in my face, my eyes, nose and mouth was burnings and I was overwhelms with an awful smells.  Then my Moms grabs me and whips me intos the house and throws me in the showers, yellings at my Dads that I has been Skunked.

 Help! Whats Skunked? I thoughts to myself, knowings that whatsever it was it had a big stinks to its.   I got scrubbed with soaps all overs and then

agains with tomatos juice which has a stinks to it too.  I thinks my Moms was tryings to hide my stinks with another stinks ... but it didn't works.  I still smelled like skunks the next day and I had a agilitys trial.   Peoples were holdings their nose when I cames by ... embarrassing!  So, I decides to roll in some good smelling dogs poop to makes me smells better ( I won'ts tell you whats my Moms said to me when I dids that ... if you gets my gist).  But it worked ... the rests of the day I smelled like dogs poop and I liked that smells until I gots homes and my Moms threw me ins the showers again.  This times she had some fancy dancy formulas to use on my skunks smell.  It sort of worked, but (don't tells my Moms) I can still smells skunks on mes.

I is still havings bad dreams about it, but my Moms is laughings when she tells the storys, so I thoughts it would probably bes a goods story for Smile It's Fridays.  Hopes you has a better weeks than me, Badger Boos :) Maybe we can smiles on this Friday :)


  1. Oh My Andrea! Your poor baby!!! Lov ethis last shot of him thinking about the experience. What gets the smell of this off...??? tomato juice. Bet this was an experience for your household.

  2. Oh poor Izzi!!! What an awful experience for you. Thank goodness your Mom knew what to do to get rid of the nasty skunky smell. I have never been skunked, and I don't ever want to. Actually, I don't think I've ever seen a skunk up close and personal. Lucky me. Stinky or no, I still think you are just beautiful. I love that mischievous look on your face in the last photo. Now I have to get ready to go shopping with my mom. Izzi girl, you have a beautiful day. Licks and woofs, Pogo B.

  3. OMP Izzi getting skunked sounds awful, the bit about the baths made me feel most unwell I hads to sit down and stop reading for a moment.

    You know I did wonder what that whiff was when I clicked on your link and now I knows BOL.

    Luckily we don't have skunks here, but I've been attacked by cats in bushes a few times when out on my ablutions.

    Mummy says thank you for joining in with this weeks "Smile it's Friday" she laughed and laughed when she read your story.

    Hopes you has a pawsome weekend xxxxx

  4. Poor girl. So far we have been lucky that our dogs have not been sprayed. I have a recipe on hand just in case. :) Izzi is beautiful dog and I hope that's her last encounter with the dreaded skunk!

  5. Ah, poor Izzi!! Never fun to run into a skunk!! Love the pics of her! Such an expressive face!!

  6. You poor baby. It will go away in time. Mom will take good care of you.

    Have a woof woof day. ☺

  7. What a nightmare! I've heard from my friend in Canada how bad skunk smell is and how you just can't clean it off. Popping over from Dawn's blog :)

  8. Poor Izzy! There can't be much worse than getting skunked...unless you tangle with a porcupine, I suppose. You must be the cleanest dog in the area by now with all those baths. Hopefully the smell will lessen soon. I love the image of the skunk riding your back, very creative.

  9. Poor, poor Izzi (and you). We don't have skunks here, but I well remember a German Shepherd who rolled in some very dead cow. She was very happy. No-one else was.