Monday, November 4, 2013

Mandarin Orange Monday

I am starting out innocently enough with a scarecrow, which is a symbol of the time of harvest, fall, Halloween and Thanksgiving.  Yes, it is once again November and I have to say that ... after a week from H___, a weekend of agility, the change in the month, the change in the temperature, the change in the time and now it is the dreaded Monday ... I am feeling a little discombobulated for some reason ... like everything has turned up-side-down.  Ever have a day like that?

A little cut and paste on a different background and posterizing (of course, I had to do something that seemed consistent).

A little more cut and paste ...

Then, as the mood strikes, things turn up-side-down ...

A little flatness, color wise and a little roughness, texture wise and I think I have captured my mood perfectly ... with a little humor, I hope:)  Have a Happy MOM!


  1. I like it!!! Now this I understand. Yes, I seem to have collected a few of those weeks from H myself, and I know what you mean. Somehow though, you've managed to say it all through the artistry. I would just walk around grumbling. Sometimes I even invent a few new words. Naughty! Andrea, I hope the rest of the week goes a bit more slowly and smooth so you have a chance to catch your breath. Go on line and subscribe to a bunch of gift catalogues. When they all arrive in the mail, take a day to just sit and enjoy looking through them. This is good for the nerves. lol. You have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.

  2. Stunning - and I hope your discombobulation eases soon.

  3. Yes, I have days like that! Hope yours gets better. Love your artistic flair with your photo. Very creative!

  4. What a fun application of the scarecrow. My favorite is the second one - love the background....and of course the poster edges.

  5. Very cool, Andrea! You had fun putting these together and I had fun looking at them.

  6. Apparently your world was topsy-turvy this week, but the result is a nice poster! Thanks for your comment on my reflection. The oval shape of the crock pot made the reflections bunch together and twist a little.