Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Scribble Picnic

Favorite Fictional Character
Wow, this was a tough one because I read every kind of book I can get my hands on from Fictional History to Children's Books (one of my favorites was Alexandra's Lady Bug book which I gave to my two favorite little girls).  But if I have to own up to a favorite ... I love mysteries.  And, because I am a nurse (as was my Mother), I love to read how forensics plays into the solving of crimes.  My most frequent forensic reads are Patricia Cornwell's  Kay Scarpetta Series.  Her stories are intense and thrilling throughout and when I need a break from the intense realities we live with in our daily lives, I curl up in my chair with one of her books and read, read, read.  You really do challenge us, Micheal.  Thank you again ... this was fun.