Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Wild Bird Wednesday

Sandhill Crane Migration 
 On December 8th, hundreds of Sandhill Cranes passed over my house on their way south.  This is a success story as many crane species are facing extinction.  Though one might note the late date of this migration as the temperatures in the northern United States and Canada were unusually warm into early December.  This group is thought to be from Canada and other groups migrate further west through Nebraska.  The Sandhill Crane is facing competition for their  normal food sources from the snow geese who have also increased in numbers and migrate the same passages.  So though considered successful, they are not out of the woods .... 



  1. They stop here in Kentucky during their migration routes. We always enjoy seeing them.

  2. What an incredible sight.
    I do hope that they do survive. And thrive.

  3. super photos of the cranes! I love the silhouettes with the spread-out wingtip feathers.

  4. nice shots. I did see three of them in Japan but too far off to get shots :(

    The Coal tit is related to the Chicadee :)

  5. What a wonderful sight to see and to have the flyover your house it's tremendous

  6. What an amazing thing to witness! They look quite elegant in the air.