Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Wild Bird Wednesday

Winter's Lake

The Lake is still busy at this time of year even though it has turned very cold ...
The geese stay in the water at night ... it is the safest place for them as it is impossible for their predators to reach them ...

 Canadian Geese ...

Only one pair of Mallards that I have seen ... they still come to my feeder every day.

But soon I hear a clamor and the geese take off as a group to find food ... usually in the corn fields in the area.

by nine there is nothing left but the occasional gull ... and the lazy swans (previous post)



  1. Great photos and very interesting about the geese staying out on the lake at night away from predators. I had never thought of that. I think Canada Geese always look very smart!

  2. Serene and very, very beautiful. Thank you.