Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Wild Bird Wednesday

A Golden Eyed Juvenile Coopers Hawk
 My usual visitor to my tree is my favorite Red Eyed, very large female.  Today, perhaps one of her offspring, also, I am assuming, a female because of her size.  Clearly hunting in the same territory, but the first time I have seen her.  Hope we will be seeing Mom again soon too :)

Here's Lookin' at ya ...



  1. ah, this is a beauty. Love the head and the feathers in the front :)

  2. Wonderful images of this marvelous HAwk Andrea

  3. great photos of a lovely bird....those brown and white feathers are so pretty!

  4. What a wonderful garden bird! Although I assume that the other birds in the area dont share that opinion!

    The little friend in my pictures is on the branch directly below the place where the kingfisher's tail joins its body. I'll give you a clue - its green! (and you may need to look at the bigger version of the image to see it! I only saw it when I was working on the image!)

    Hope all is well. Stewart M - Melbourne