Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Wild Bird Wednesday

Niagara Birds

Birding is not what you do when you go to Niagara, but you can't help but see that the Ring Billed Gulls have a stronghold on the tourist traffic in the area.

An occasional Cormorant just to spice things up :)

And, of course, where there is water there are Canadian Geese ...

And even a blast from the past ...
 Believe it or not, I did see a group of Passerines in an apple tree, but couldn't get a clear shot of them ... so you will have to take my word for it :)



  1. Gosh, I had quite a bit to catch up with here. I've been remiss with all of my blog reading lately. I love your Halloween card. Izzi girl, you look beautiful in your sombrero. Pogo had a sombrero too. His was straw colored.

    The food all looks rather tasty, except for the shrimp. I don't eat most seafoods and any food that they touch on the plate.

    However, I do love your seagulls. We have them here too, and I think they are so fun to watch and photograph. They are eager to please when you have your camera turned on them.

    Today is gorgeous, sunny and mid sixties. It won't last, but I love it. All the neighborhood trees are turning beautiful colors. Mine are beginning to change too.

    Pogo and I voted at Town Hall yesterday, so now we just sit back and hope for the best.

    Today I'll be making a pot of corn chowder. Oh yum! So, that's where I'm off to now. Pogo sends woofs and a lick to Izzi. You have a super day my friend. Hugs, Edna B.

  2. lol, gulls are quite fun to watch and shoot :) Nice ones.

  3. Love your birds. And the final one definitely comes into the raptor category.

  4. Looks like birding WAS part of what you did there! ((I'm a big fan of accidental birding -- have seen some of my best ones when I didn't really go there for that purpose.)

  5. Lovely that you saw so many birds near the Falls.

  6. Birding is what I do when I go anywhere! Or so my family tell me! Not sure that last one is a bird!

    No teeth for the Darter - birds done have them (except for a tooth like structure that some birds use to break out of the egg). I still use the phrase 'rare as hens teeth' - which I assume I got from my Mum or Dad as it is not the most modern of phrases!!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne