Saturday, November 5, 2016

s-A(R)T-urday Art Linkup




  1. This is really a great picture processing.
    It looks like a work of impressionism !
    I like it.

  2. yes, very elegant, beautiful work. You added a nice feeling to this one :)

  3. I'm catching up here, and I love your "Learning Trust" iamge. It's beautiful. I had hoped to "winter over" my potted plants today, but it's looking like we may get some rain really soon. Skies are quite gray here. Well, maybe when the rain stops I can get to my plants.

    I still have to go shopping to see how I will be able to cover the porch screens for the winter. Maybe I'll call and see if SIL Eddie can go with me. He has some pretty good ideas.

    How is Izzi doing? Pogo sends her woofs and a great big lick. That should help her to feel pretty good!!! (at least that's what Pogo says) You have a wonderful day my friend, hugs, Edna B.

  4. so beautiful!! I love the filter and how it's all a bit muted, giving it a real dream like quality. Just lovely.

  5. I agree with Jutta. Your edit gives the picture an almost impressionist touch. Definitely elegant.