Thursday, November 24, 2016

Good Fences

A cold and dreary day ...
And yes, that is snow you see.  We did get a touch of it a week ago, but it fanished quickly.  



  1. thank you, andrea, for your fence link-ins and visits over the years. blessings to you, always.

  2. Your blog is still here. At least. I see you had a bit of snow.

  3. Love to see your snow! Brrr ... cold but nice.

  4. Oh please don't send the snow here just yet. I'm just not ready for it. Winter is settling in here too with the cold temps. I love your photos of the Fall colors. The reflections are gorgeous. Your hawk is beautiful. We have one that hangs around here once in a while, but I've only had a chance to see him once. I'm just not as quick as I used to be.

    Today was lovely. My daughter Deanne brought me over a home cooked dinner, and a cheesecake for dessert. Tonight I'm watching Antenna TV channel and enjoying all the old programs.

    I hope your day has been wonderful. Happy Thanksgiving my friend. Hugs, Edna B.