Sunday, February 15, 2015

Mandarin Orange Monday

This light hangs in the Chicago International Airport.  I photographed it while I was waiting for the arrival of my son and his fiance from Thailand. A very exciting time, indeed ...

What I see is the devil lurking inside our politicians and our  Supreme Court Justices ...most of them anyway. My disgust  with our current political situation eeks into my art ... Sad but true

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  2. What a gorgeous light, and I just love your editing of it. My congratulations to your kids. I wish them many years of happiness. Pogo is feeling much better now. If nothing else, his little accident during the night makes a good sample for his doctor at this week's check up visit. It's been neatly bagged and put in the fridge.

    God bless Joe, he was outside for hours today clearing away all the new snow. I'd be lost without him. The guys will be back tomorrow to finish my roofs. I think it's a lot colder in your area than it is here. I watch the Weather Channel and the Artic cold hitting hitting your part of the country is wicked!

    It's getting dark outside now and I need to start thinking about what's for supper. I gave Pogo a little bowl of canned turkey in juice for lunch, but he wasn't so crazy about it. I'll have to dig deep to find something tasty for his supper.

    I'll give some thought to an orange image for tomorrow. I need to spend more time playing on my laptop. I'm off now, so you and Izzi have a wonderful evening. Hugs, Edna B.

  3. what a fabulous light...and your edits are really cool...I especially like the rectangular patterned one with the pink edges!

  4. hmmmm, I would take that lamp without any editing. Hang it in my bedroom. :)