Thursday, February 19, 2015

Good Fences

Just a bit of a snow fence ...

I know this is not an artsy meme, but I couldn't resist a touch of dabbling :)
Stay warm and well everyone ...



  1. Well, it's a warm color!!! Great fence shot for the day, Andrea!! Hope you have a lovely weekend -- a WARM, lovely weekend!!

  2. Nice little bit of a fence Andrea :)
    Did you knit it all by yourself? ;) :D
    The fence post was already done
    last week, I just added the text.
    And what is growing on the fence is
    not algae, that's lichen :))
    And thank you for your kind thoughts
    about my butt :)
    Have a fine day

  3. The orange fencing really pops against the snow! Have a happy day!

  4. I'm guessing the wind blows over the top there. Not a lot of fencing.
    I like your edited version. :)

  5. It is just a bit, but sometimes that's all you need. When we first moved here, we used to put one up, because frankly it came with the house and the owners before did. That was in 1989 and possible 1990, but since then we just let the snow fall!

  6. You can make even a lowly snow fence look artistic, I'm always amazed at your skill.

  7. The red fencing really shows up well in all that white snow and I really like that tree. I think your "artsy" version was fun.

  8. this kind of fencing is sometimes used for snow fence in my area too.

  9. What a refreshing sight. Absolutely love it.

  10. I love your touch of dabbling! So this is the orange snow fence - much better to see than "my" green snow fence from Utah's Highway 12.
    Regarding the squirrel on my fence - I usually have between 3 and 7 squirrels in my garden, but since I have a feeding pause for the birds at the moment because of the salmonella outbreak among the pine siskins there aren't that many there right now.