Friday, September 6, 2013

Smile It's Friday

Badger Boo's Daft Adventures

If I don't looks happy, it's because I am nots ... My Mom mades me go to the Dentist (Vet) to gets my teeths cleaned.  Has you ever done that?  I thinks I am the only dogs I know that has been puts through that.  First of all my Mom left me there ... can you believes that?  All by myselfs in this scary place that smells like medicine.  They puts me in this little cage and I hads to wait.  Then a nice lady came and puts me on a table.  They gaves me a shot and all of a suddens I wasn't there ... what happened?  Darned if I know.  Next thing I knows I am backs in that little cage and my legs won't hardly works and my stomach is doing flip flops.  After a little while my Mom came to gets me ... she's lucky I would even go homes with her.  She was a bads Mom.  She keeps saying my teeth looks so pretty ... who cares!  But I is homes now and I plans to stay here.  Hopes you never has to go through thats ... it was very bads!

Mom insists on showing you my pretty teeths ... Groan ...

I guess that will have to pass for my Friday Smile ... Hope your week was better than mines  :(


  1. Our Little Bit used to get her teeth cleaned every year until they over medicated her. We brush her teeth now. She's good with that.

    Have a woof woof day. My best to your human. :)

  2. Hi Andre Well I think this is priceless. A talking dog and this meme should be changed to Laughng Friday. One cannot JUST smile at this but belly laugh. Have a great weekend. Ah! Lets a dog's life!!!

    1. Hi Miss Margaret, all us dogs can talk but we hads to remain silent until the internet was discovered as hoomans can't speak dog **muffled giggles behind paws**

      Have a pawsome weekend xxx

  3. Wow! What shiny fangs those are! Amazing what 200.00 can do isn't it.

  4. Poor, poor Izzi. Bad, bad mom. (though she did it to make you even more beautiful)

  5. Izzi, Pogo and I sympathize with you. However, you do have a fabulously gorgeous smile!!! If it makes you feel better, Pogo would be going to the dentist to have his teeth cleaned too, that's if he had any teeth to clean. lol. We wish you a very happy week. Smile, you're beautiful. Hugs, Edna & Pogo B.

  6. OH NO VETS!!!! **shivers in fear**

    I used to have my teef cleaned yearly as I refuse to eat my biscuits or chew on rawhide,now mummy gives me something called Plague Off in my Dinner and I've not had to have my teef cleaned for about 4 years now, they is still all sparky and clean. You don'ts want to get a tooth ache Miss Izzi.

    Thank you for joining in with this weeks Smile it's Friday.

    Have a pawsome weekend xxxxx