Thursday, March 8, 2012

National Women's Day

A Woman Of Strength

A woman of strength,
Has courage to face the day,
And the confidence,
To handle whatever comes her way.
A woman of strength,
Has so much love to give,
And more compassion,
It gives her a reason to live.
A woman of strength,
Can face trouble with more hope,
Face adversity,
Always finding the strength to cope.
A woman of strength,
Can take the bad with the good,
And learn from it all,
With a sense of pride that’s understood.
A woman of strength,
Can conduct herself with grace,
Hold her head up high,
And dignity always has its place.
A woman of strength,
Can face almost anything,
And can look forward,
To what the future will possibly bring…

{©2008 Jan Brooks}

We are all, in our own way, women of strength. 
The world has only just begun to
how the presence of a women, in any
situation, changes the outcome. 
We are a source of love
where there would be no love. 
 We guide,
we teach
   we share. 
We can draw a line in the sand and no one
 will cross it, not out of fear, but out of
We are the hope of
peace.  We are the light that shines
brightly on the future of man.
We are, indeed, women of strength.

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