Monday, March 26, 2012

Manly Monday

Well, it was a given that Johnny Depp would show up as my Manly Man sooner or later.  Anyone who knows me would know that Johnny is a favorite of mine.
Of course, because I think he is gorgeous, but more for who he is.  As an actor he has always been true to himself.  He has never succumbed to the Hollywood pressure and Hollywood, in turn, ignored him for years until the Pirates of the Caribbean movies came out. He stayed with directors and producers he respected and , on the side, pursued some of his music ambitions. His movies were never block busters, but they were good and his portrayal of his different characters was impeccable.  So Hat's off to you Johnny.


  1. Oh I SO agree with you on this one! I love Johnny Depp, and I LOVE that he makes small interesting and wonderful films rather that Tom Cruise-Bruce Willis Gotta-Have-A-Blockbuster all the time films.
    My two favorite JD movies are Don Juan De Marco and Chocolat.
    Love Noodles' Mommy #2

  2. I knew sooner rather than later...*lol*...I loved him in Benny & Joon! He is unique! Great picture!