Monday, March 12, 2012

Manly Monday

This is supposed to be a fun exercise in how different people see different men as Manly. Your “Manly Man” can be anybody. You could even insert a little humor in your choices, if you like. The idea is to have a good time, both in seeing what others post and in your own exploration into who you want to post. Join me every Monday and we will all learn what a Manly Man is ... or isn't.

Add the logo with your post.Then leave a comment and a link to your blog with my post. It would be nice if you could spread the word to some of your followers as well. If enough people show an interest, I will add a linky. Hope you will join in. Thanks ...

This is my first Manly Man ... literally.  He has been my Man for 47 years and he is still Manly.  Meaning , of course, that I didn't wear him down.  He is the perfect starting point for me. 


  1. Fun idea!! I like it and I like your first man!!! Will pass it on!!!

  2. What a great way to start your blog hop.... introducing your main man!

    AND I love the logo --- rather Johnny Deppish

  3. It is very fitting that Dave be featured on your blog, for all of his support of blogging!
    Nice smile, Dave!

  4. Nice beginning! I'm very bad with following up on these things. I'm working on just making myself write every day, but once everything settles down for me, I may give this a try!